We Offer 4 Flat Fee Options

At Hill Country Flat Fee Realty, we are all about saving home owners a significant amount of money when selling a home. It’s not a secret that we feel there is no need to pay such high real estate commissions any longer, primarily due to the innovation and advances of various technologies, national real estate websites, etc.  Because of this, as well as the clear desire for home owners to keep as much of their hard earned equity as possible, Hill Country Flat Fee Realty exists.

We also realize that home owners come in all sorts of different shape and sizes (meaning some owners have sold several homes in the past, while others may not have sold any, some may want to try to sell on their own, while many others may want/need the assistance of an experienced real estate professional).

Simply put, the market has spoken and we have listened.  Hill Country Flat Fee Realty is excited to announce we now offer four Flat Fee Listing options for our sellers.  To say the least, each option saves significant amounts of money/equity for our sellers.

Most consumers like to have the ability to choose what service or services they want or need, rather than having one option and one option only.

With this said, here is a list of the four options Hill Country Flat Fee Realty now offers home sellers looking to sell their home and save big:

  • Option # 1: “Full Service, Flat Fee” ($3,995, paid at closing upon a successful sale): This is by far our most popular option.  This is a full service listing agreement & experience.  Think of this as a “regular” full service real estate listing just like what other typical brokerages offer.  Home valuation (suggested asking price based on sold comparables), photos, virtual tour, scheduling showings, negotiating on your behalf, reviewing offers, addenda, disclosures, title review, etc.  In other words, Hill Country Flat Fee Realty will handle the transaction and work with you step by step until the home is sold & closed.  This option is good for the duration that you & Hill Country Flat Fee Realty agree to.
  • Option # 2: “MLS Only” ($599 upfront fee).  Look at this as a For Sale By Owner option that is entered into the Multiple Listing Service in order to generate more exposure to your listing.  You will be responsible to schedule all showings with both buyers, as well as real estate agents.  You will be responsible for all negotiations, contracts, addenda, working with title & escrow, working with the buyer’s lender, providing us pictures you want uploaded with your listing, etc.  Your listing will be seen on the national home buying sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, the local MLS and all of the other “micro sites.”  However, you are pretty much on your own with this limited option.  This option is good for six months in the MLS.
  • Option # 3: “MLS Only Plus” ($799 upfront fee).  Same as option # 2 with high-resolution photos & a virtual tour included.  Seller is still responsible for all other efforts & responsibilities as described in Option # 2.  This option is good for 6 months in the MLS.
  • Option # 4: “MLS Only Premium” ($1,199 upfront fee).  Same as Option # 2, but with contract support.  Seller is still responsible for scheduling showings and all other associated responsibilities, however, Hill Country Flat Fee Realty will be available, during reasonable hours, to assist sellers with questions & suggestions.  No legal advice will be given, only advice that a real estate broker is able to offer based on prior experience w/ multiple transactions.  We will not draft amendments or negotiate on your behalf, but will be available to answer your questions and offer suggestions that will be in your best interest.  This option is good for six months in the MLS.

With any of our options, sellers will experience significant savings of their equity.  If you are an experienced home seller and have the time & patience to deal with inquiries, calls, showing appointments, contracts, etc. then options 2-4 may be something to consider, as they will allow you to retain the vast majority of your equity if you know what you are doing (how to price your listing accurately, how to negotiate, how to deal with buyers and their agents, etc.), however, even the majority of veteran home owners/sellers choose option # 1 more often than not; usually due to how much we offer and how little we charge for our full service.

With any of the above options, we highly recommend offering a buyer’s agent commission equal to the going rate in the area (typically 3% of the sales price) in order to fully maximize and expose your listing to agents who will be happy to show your house because they will be getting paid what they normally would. 

So if you are in the Boerne, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, San Antonio area markets and are interested in selling your home & saving a ton of your equity, give Mark Phillips of Hill Country Flat Fee Realty a call today to further discuss your real estate needs & equity savings goals!