MLS Only Options

Hill Country Flat Fee Realty recognizes consumers like to have options when evaluating a product or service. When we shop for products and services (real estate marketing is a service), we want to see what options are available rather than having just one service plan and only one to choose from.

Visit here to see our Full Service, Flat Fee Pricing: In addition to our full service flat fee option (95% of our sellers end up choosing full service), Hill Country Flat Fee Realty offers two "MLS Only" options:

1. "MLS Only"-$500, paid upfront, to list your home/property into the MLS. Your home will be syndicated to all of the major home searching sites such as, Zillow, Trulia and many more. You will be the point of contact for other buyer agents to call and request showings, will be responsible to read any offers thoroughly and essentially negotiate on your own behalf. We would still be your broker, but our services are limited as you have opted for a limited service. You are responsible to have your home professionally photographed, correctly staged and ready for showings. We will review any offers and forward them to you for your final approval or counter offers you wish to make and will ensure the title commitment is clean. Again, this is a limited service and you need to be aware it is your responsibility to handle much of the workload.

2. "MLS Only Plus-$1,100, also paid upfront. Same service as MLS Only, but this option gives you 3 hours of real estate consulting throughout the transaction. We will schedule times to speak with you over the phone about your transaction, answer any questions, offer suggestions, recommendations, etc. You are still responsible for the bulk of the workload, but this option does allow you the peace of mind to know you can speak with us throughout the transaction more than just a couple of times.