Snow in the Texas Hill Country!?

While many people in Texas say we have two different kinds of weather, “hot and hotter”, this saying was debunked big time this week with historic cold weather and snow that descended upon not only the Hill Country of Texas, but all of Texas!

Overnight temperatures have plummeted to close to zero degrees while daily high’s are hovering in the teens. At our house here in Boerne, we received about 3 inches of snow, something we have not seen since we moved to Boerne about 8 years ago. I am hearing of people out of power, out of water (due to well pumps freezing or pipes freezing). We have sustained a broken pipe so far at the base of our water storage tank, but thankfully we still have heat and water (for now).

I cannot imagine how many calls plumbers and well companies have received the last 24 hours! Texas is simply not used to this sort of storm and historic low temperatures. Unlike states that regularly experience snow storms and freezing temperatures, Texas rarely does.

However, one silver lining this storm has offered our family has been for some fun for our 3 boys to experience. They have been enamored with how our property looks at the moment (see included picture) and are spending some quality time outside together and making some memories!

Stay warm!

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