Out of this world deli sandwich in Boerne!

For those of you that either live in Boerne or like to visit the quaint, German-themed Texas Hill Country town, you know there are a variety of quality restaurants for lunch to choose from. One I would like to highlight today is the Boerne Epicure Gourmet Market, located at 210 S. Main Street in downtown Boerne.

Epicure is more than a deli. This impeccable store offers a wide variety of oils, vinegars, pastas, tea, honey, soups, jams, seasoning and more. When you enter the front door, you will be greeted by a very impressive display of above-mentioned items and can only be impressed with how clean and orderly the store is.

As you make your way into the back of store, you will find a deli and friendly staff waiting to gladly take your order. There are about 10 sandwiches to choose from, all of which are off the charts good! On my first visit, I went for the London Pub (melted roast beef) sandwich and it lived up to the hype, to say the least. As many of us are, I am a creature of habit and typically do not steer away from what brought me in in the first place so the next few visits, I did not bother to even look at the menu and just went with my go-to (the London Pub). I was not disappointed at all, as this sandwich is nothing short of excellent.

However after about my fourth time eating at Epicure, I was with a friend who encouraged me to try the “Viva Texas” sandwich. Being a creature of habit, I was very reluctant, as I thought to myself, “how can it get any better than the London Pub?” My friend put his best salesman hat on and would not stop promoting the Viva Texas until I finally gave in to his demand.

Let’s just say that the Viva Texas was so good that I have been back multiple times and I have not deviated once from this sandwich, including the London Pub! The Viva Texas is a smoked pepper turkey with smoked gouda cheese, mixed greens, tomato, red onion, chipotle may and cranberry-jalapeno compote on sourdough bread. Let me be clear: this sandwich is out of this world!

I have taken several real estate clients from out of our area to Epicure for lunch and suffice to say all of them not only love Epicure, but I have talked to each of them into the Viva Texas and it’s been a huge hit with all of them. In fact, one of my clients went back the very net day and ordered the Viva Texas again. They said they had to experience it again before they left town and went back home.

Boerne is full of other great sandwich options as well and I will be blogging on some of them in the near future.

Next time you are craving a sandwich for lunch and are in the downtown Boerne area, I highly recommend you stopping by Epicure, not only for their sandwiches, but also the entire atmosphere and very friendly staff!

A link to Epicure’s website and deli sandwich menu can be found here: http://boerneepicure.com/

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