How baseball relates to flat fee real estate!

I know what you are thinking right about now after reading the title of this post, “How baseball relates to flat fee real estate.” You have to be thinking, “Oh brother, please!” Well before you leave this blog post, give me a minute to explain how a baseball analogy is akin to Hill Country Flat Fee Realty’s model. Well, here it goes.

As we all know, the name of the game in baseball is to put the bat on the ball with the goal of getting a hit and eventually scoring. Whether a player hits a single, double, triple or home run, the name of the game is to hit. There is a saying in baseball that “if you hit, you won’t sit”, meaning if you can consistently hit, you will earn a lot of playing time. As you can probably imagine, there are way more singles hit then doubles, triples and home runs combined.

Ok, so I will get to the real connection between baseball and Hill Country Flat Fee Realty now. My philosophy is to be a single hitter when it comes to my flat fee model. Unlike other agents who may hit home runs or even grand slam home runs (closing of an expensive home while charging high commissions) once in a blue moon, I am perfectly happy to hit singles all day long (charging a low flat fee while closing many, many deals). Personally I prefer to be very busy and enjoy a consistent flow of transactions while hitting “singles” (a fair flat fee for my services) as opposed to hoping to hit a “triple or home run” every now and then, while not knowing when the next listing lead may be coming in.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that other agents may not have to work as hard as I do if they close large deals with big commissions, but my flat fee model allows me the peace of mind knowing many sellers are very attracted to how much money they save with my flat fee model, which in turn allows a consistent flow of listings for me.

So in closing, as we all know, many more singles are hit in baseball than home runs so rather than being a “power hitter” who may hit a few out, I am perfectly happy to take the role of a consistent base hitter and hit lots of singles or base hits (close a lot of deals at a low flat fee rate) rather than the occasional home run every now and then. Not saying it’s the best approach to the plate, but it works for me and I know many sellers who are sure glad I don’t swing for the fences with large commissions!

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