Buying a house sight unseen, are you crazy?

With the Covid-19 virus dominating the news and much of our lifestyle’s in 2020, more buyer purchased homes sight unseen or over the internet due to travel restrictions and health concerns. Although in the past, I have strongly discouraged this practice, making an offer on a home that you haven’t seen in person may become more common.

In part, most states have periods with a contract that allow a buyer to essentially back out or terminate the deal within a certain period of time. With limited inventory and highly competitive markets, making an offer on a property you have only seen online may be your best option, especially if you are relocating to a new area. Until the market settles back in, some relocating buyers may not have much of a choice if they want to have much of a chance to actually get their offer accepted before it has been snatched up by someone else.

Here is an article about a buyer from NYC that relocated to Charleston, SC and bought her house sight unseen and based on the photos of the house online because she was unable to travel from NYC at the time she was trying to relocate.

Read the Original Article Here: ‘I Bought This House Based on Listing Photos Alone’: Was It Worth the Risk?

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