Steve and Sharon


54e22ebd73255Mark-I want to sincerely thank you for going the extra mile for Sharon and I during the purchase of our wonderful home in the Hill Country! We were blown away by how on top of the transaction you were the entire time. We immediately knew we were in good hands just listening to you speak with the builder’s sales agent. It was clear you knew what questions to ask in terms of what construction materials were used, what standard features were included, pointing out the value of the home based on square footage, etc. We really appreciated you negotiating strong on our behalf and getting the builder to include window blinds as well as the water softener even when it looked like the builder was not going to budge on these items. Sharon and I aren’t sure if we appreciated your hard work and professionalism the most or the reduction in price to the tune of thousands of dollars we received from your Buyer Rebate Program. Either way, we truly want to thank you for going the extra mile for us. We won’t forget it when it comes to sell the home someday (not for a long time!).