Mark knocked it out of the park!

Mark Phillips

My wife and I were truly blessed to have found Mark on google. We interviewed 3 different realtors before we chose Mark. The reasons why we even reached out to Mark to begin with was because of his flat fee realty pricing on selling homes. We knew our home would sell very fast so why pay full commission price and we wanted to move out towards the Hill Country area and Mark, based upon his company name, might be a good fit for our needs in finding a new home in the Hill Country.

For our first appointment he was on time, prepared with comps from our neighborhood and was very professional and personable. He took the photos of our home, himself, and when we saw the preview of the listing, his preview was way more impressive than ones done by the other realtors we interviewed, who had professional photographers take their client’s pictures. We had three offers on the first day of listing all at or above asking price. We accepted the cash offer so we could close quickly. The selling process with Mark was quick and efficient.

Where Mark really stood out was when we went looking for our new home. We found a home that was for sale by owner. It was a home that my wife, both our boys, and I all fell in love with. We didn’t think it was possible to find a home we would all love. To put it mildly the seller was very disorganized and really had no idea of what was required on his part in selling a house. Mark essentially pulled double duty and had to hold the seller’s hand throughout the process as well as ours. He took phone calls from us during his family time and probably did some errands for the seller that a seller’s agent typically wouldn’t do, just to get the deal done on time.

There is so much more I left out, in regards to the difficulties in buying the house, from this particular for sale by owner, that it would take two more paragraphs and still wouldn’t do justice to Mark’s efforts.

You can feel very comfortable with Mark being your realtor whether you are buying or selling a home in San Antonio or the Hill Country. My wife and I were looking for a realtor and we found a friend .

Thank you for everything Mark.