Property Management

Do you own an investment home and need an experienced & local property manager to effectively manage it on your behalf?  Hill Country Flat Fee Realty offers property management services for single family homes & multi-family up to 4 units in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Kerrville, Fredericksburg & Comfort.


Full Service Management:

We conduct an initial assessment of your investment home in person and provide you feedback/advice as to what may need to be done before marketing it for rent.  We also provide you a list of comparable rentals in the area so you have a realistic expectation for what your home will rent for. Once ready for rent (and after a property management agreement has been secured), we will market your home on various websites such as Zillow,, Hot Pads, the local MLS (which will syndicate to several other sites) and show your home to prospective tenants.

We will receive applications, screen tenants (background, credit, verification of income/employment, references, etc.) and once we feel we have some viable tenant candidates, we will contact you and present each applicant for a final approval (ultimately made by you).  Once a tenant is selected/approved, we will draft a formal lease agreement, will collect security/pet deposits & first month’s rent and deposit these into a trust account (set up as joint accounts between you and us).  We then instruct the tenant to place the utilities (unless you chose to pay) into their names with the appropriate service provider).

We conduct a drive-by of your property at least one time per month to do a visible inspection of the exterior to ensure the yard and exterior is in agreed upon condition (# of cars parked in driveway, grass is well kept, etc.) and take a picture that we send to you for your viewing.

We collect rent from your tenant and at your direction, we can distribute your funds when you chose (usually by way of a check mailed to you once a month).  We will also provide you a monthly financial statement with all debits & credits and balance listed for your records.

Within 30 days of a lease expiration, we contact the tenant(s) and inquire if they wish to extend their lease on a month to month basis, wish to sign a new lease extension (for a defined period) or plan on vacating and communicate back to you what the plan is.

Upon move-out by a tenant, we conduct a walk through of the property to verify the condition of the home. We take pictures and videos if need be and them send them to you for your viewing.  In the event there are repairs or cleaning needed that are beyond “normal wear and tear”, we will notate these and inform the tenant of the necessary steps that will be needed to repair/clean and that the costs of such items will be deducted from their security deposit.  Any remaining monies on the security deposit (after any repairs/cleaning have been paid for) will be returned to the tenants within 30 days (Texas state law).

Tenant Placement Only:

Perhaps you are a local owner or have a local friend or family member willing to “manage” your investment home on your behalf, but you need assistance in finding/placing a tenant.  We can assist you in this with our “Tenant Placement Only” service.  We would market the property for rent, show it to prospective tenants, collect applications and present them to you for final approval.  We would draft a lease between you and the tenant and once signed, the relationship is then turned over to you and the tenant. At this point, we would not be involved any longer.


Full Service Management Agreement

  • 8% of the collected rent
  • 50% (one time) of the monthly rent for tenant screening, placement, lease prep, etc.  (some of this $ may be shared w/ another agent who brings in the tenant)
  • $200 Lease Renewal (for existing tenants who renew their lease)
  • No fee for a month to month extension
  • No mark-ups on repairs

Tenant Placement Only:

  • 75% of first month’s rent

Feel free to call us to further discuss your property management needs/goals.  We would be happy to discuss our services in greater detail with you.